iPhone Transponder 1.0

The iPhone app Transponder version 1.0 is now available for use with SailTracker. The app can be found on the App Store by searching for “transponder” or follow this link. The app is configured by entering the code for the racing event provided by Sailtracker.net or the race coordinator.

First, get and install the app:


Click on “Settings” and enter the configuration code provided by the race organizers or Sailtracker.net and click on “Configure”.



If all is correct, the app will respond “Successfully configured”:


When ready to start tracking, go to the main screen and press “Start”.  The screen background will turn black when tracking is started.  When “Connection” reads “GPSOK” the app is actively tracking on Sailtracker:

start  tracking

NOTE: It is highly recommended that the phone be connected to external power as GPS use decreases battery life substantially. It’s also important to leave the app running on the screen (eg not minimized) – IOS turns off GPS apps running in the background after some time and this will stop tracking.

It’s also recommended to place the phone in a location with the least amount of material between it and the sky (particularly metal objects) to optimize GPS signal.

If you have any questions or difficulties you can email: info@sailtracker.net or call 424.262.4725

PDF version of these instructions are available here.

If you have not updated to the new Transponder app you can view instructions for the old iPhone app here.