Step 3: Race Day


Now that you’ve got your ID and phone setup you are ready to track for your race.  Before the beginning of the race, run the app and press “start” as described in Step 2.

Sailtracker will log your track live as long as there is at least intermittent cell phone signal.  In the case of poor mobile phone signal, the phone app will store GPS data and upload it when the signal is present again.

If the race is a going to be a long one it’s recommended to connect the phone via charger to ship’s power, or use an external battery back.  In general, more than a 6 hour race requires external power, though some other factors can affect this.

During the race spectators can watch the progress of yachts live by clicking on this link: “Track Yachts Now!” which is also posted at the top of the website’s home page.  Select “Event” and then choose the live event that is desired from the pulldown list of events.

Events can also be located in the website’s Event Calendar, and the Event Spotlight.