How to Playback a Past Event

Go to the Track Yachts Now! link on the menu – this takes you to the Tracker screen:


(1)  Select the “Playback” mode button
(2)  Select the “Event” option
(3)  Clicking in the search box brings up a list of past or current.  You can also type in a key word or phrase to filter the pick list.



(4)  Select an Event by clicking on it.



(5) Select the yachts to display by checking the boxes in the left panel.  You can view the entire race’s yachts, a single fleet of yachts, or individual yachts.


(6) The “Play/Pause” button toggles the replay on or off.  The “Stop” button resets it to the beginning.
(7) The “Speed” pulldown sets replace speed, from realtime to 120x
(8)  The “Start” and “Finish” times of the playback default to the race start but can be changed to go to a particular moment.










(9) Hover the mouse over map objects to find out the name of the object and click on it to obtain more detailed information.
Additionally, in the  “Map Options” tab you can turn on the yacht names and track markers, and adjust the track length to be displayed on the screen: